BMY Podcast met Giovanni Piccirilli
donderdag 22 december 2022

BMY Podcast met Giovanni Piccirilli

Wekelijks maakt Joost Koning voor BMY de podcast Joost Mag Het Weten. Gast nummer 152 is Giovanni Piccirilli, Chief Technology Officer bij RTL Nederland.

Giovanni Piccirilli prefers to speak in English – so that’s the language that will be used throughout this episode – and is the Chief Technology Officer of RTL Nederland. First, he studied telecommunications engineering and gained more than 19 years of experience within the telecom & cable industry, for example at Siemens, Liberty Global and UPC/Ziggo. In 2015 he founded his own company, Pepper Technology. In 2017 he became the CTO of RTL Nederland, where he is a member of the management board, gives leading to RTL’s technology group and has been driving the agile transformation and the strategic-, innovative- and customer-focussed plans of RTL and thus also of the four television channels and Videoland.


When and how is data useful for innovation and creativity? What is lean/agile innovation and how is that different from the more traditional ‘waterfall’ way of innovating? Why is it of importance to embrace this change? And how has this been implemented within RTL and what are the implications? How does Giovanni explain the success of Videoland as ’the local hero’ commercial VOD platform and what role does the technology of the platform – so the context – play in that, apart from the content itself? The answers of Giovanni Piccirilli, on these and many other questions, can be heard in the BMY Podcast of this week.

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